Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns starts 500 years after the end of of Final Fantasy XXII-2. (Stated by 100,000 other people. Okay. We get that part.) The god, Bhunivezle, requests that she save the world, Nova Chrysalia, from it’s doom in 13 days. Nova Chrysalia is split into four parts, two of them rural areas and two of them cities; The Wildlands, The Dead Dunes, Luxerion, and Yusnaan. Players can explore these maps any way they want but don’t spend too much time just looking around. There is an ingame clock. One real time hour is one ingame day. In the first two Final Fantasy XIII games, players can alternate between playable characters as well as go into battle with 2 other computer players to back you up. In the FFXIII:LR, there is only one playable character. Lightning. Instead, her outfits are changeable. Changing her outfits will also change battle style and stats, not to mention appearance. (I’ll link the full list of outfits with their descriptions below.) Lightning’s stats are NOT increased by battles anymore. Now, it’s simply done by questing. Although, this makes the game progress faster, players are more likely to just run by battles that they would’ve normally gone for and also may take out the fun or challenge in the battles for some. The game was first released in Japan on November 21st, 2013. It had sold over 231,000 copies in the first WEEK. 227,000 (give or take) of those copies were for PS3 while 4,000 (again, give or take) were sold for Xbox360. It’s still a little intimidating to me to not have my 2 back ups covering me when I need it. But that’s my opinion and I’m terrified of change. I also believe that changing gameplay on the last part of the game was ridiculous. I think that changing gameplay on a NEW FF would’ve been great. But not in the middle of everything. I was comfortable with how gameplay was, but I am definitely willing and excited to try to the new gameplay as well as finish the story line. And since I’m a girl, naturally I’m excited to play dress up with Lightning. Maybe a pretty dress will bring a little of that soft interior out. You know, as much as I can with the world going to shit in just less than a week. The game website will give you more information about actual storyline, areas, and characters! Garbs: Resources: